Welcome to A[wo]men and thanks for looking around. I hope that you find this to be a place of expression and acceptance.

My blogging days originated in high school when I started a Xanga page to express my deep emotional rage… in private… for the internet. *Shudders at my teen logic* What started as a mere teen looking to express herself has grown into so much more, as I have grown into so much more. I now find myself writing not only to express myself, but also to connect with others. Writing has become a true passion and driver for me. On my darkest days I turn to writing to pull me through. A[wo]men is my place of worship. I hope you are able to connect with me in some small way that helps you, too, work through some of those darker days. This is – as my tagline indicates- a place to tell my story and also a place for others to hear that story.

Feedback is always greatly appreciated.